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Message from the Director of The Orca Institute

Message from the Director of The Orca Institute

The Orca Institute has been preparing students to launch careers as Counselling Hypnotherapists since 1986 and was accredited by PCTIA (Private Career Training Institution Agency) in the year 2006. We have more experience than almost anyone in this field to offer you the best possible training and learning experience. Classes are small which allow for much discussion and practice with your highly experienced attentive and supportive teacher, Diane Auld, HT, RPC.

Our students really appreciate her openness and ability to listen and respond to student needs.  Students also have the benefit of watching 40 hours of video for Basic students and 100 hours of video for our Diploma Students. These videos contain unique footage of actual client - therapist sessions and analysis. Our training is structured for those students who would not be satisfied with a typical “short course” to learn hypnosis but rather have a strong desire to be professionally qualified Counselling Hypnotherapists.

Our courses can be attended from anywhere in the world. In addition to BC our students have come from Australia, the UK, Macau, Georgia, Nova Scotia and many other places. We feel this enriches the student’s learning experience. Students have ample opportunity and are encouraged to communicate and support each other.

Our Basic and Diploma courses are approved by the International Association of Counselling Hypnotherapists and as members our graduate students receive the corresponding certification from the IACH in addition to The Orca Institute’s certification.

As the Director and Founder of Canada’s most enduring, and only PCTIA (BC Gov. Agency) Accredited hypnotherapy school I welcome you to The Orca Institute’s web site.

In addition to covering the works and methods of Milton Erickson, M.D., Stephen Gilligan, PhD. Serge King, PhD and others our training uniquely includes my own innovative approaches developed over 30 years. Feel free to contact Sheldon toll-free in North America at 800-665-ORCA (6722). I always enjoy talking to prospective students.

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